The FIRST certified green home in Franklin, NC and Macon County, is also the state's Best Affordable Green Home of 2009. Learn more here about green homes. Winter Sun will build or remodel your home in Western North Carolina. Contact Us for more information.

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franklin, nc: state's best affordable green home 2009

"I wanted to call and tell you what a wonderful job you did. I will certainly recommend you!"
--Irwin V.

solar hot water panels installed on green home

Advanced Green Building Technology

Solar Water Heaters increase energy efficiency, thereby decreasing electricity consumption and lowering power bills.

eco-friendly cabinetry

Healthy Built

Better Air to Breathe

Formaldehyde-free cabinetry and insulation improves indoor air quality. Interior finishes are non-toxic. Earthpaint is manufactured from local ingredients in Asheville, NC. Eco-friendly Cabinets are made with  plywood and water-based finishes which don't emit hazardous chemicals.

innovative use of closets as thermal buffer


Less wasted space means more livable area for less cost.

Innovative use of closet space as a thermal buffer maximizes efficiency. In the infrared picture, the closet door on the right is closed while the left is open. The color difference equates to energy savings.

Energy Efficient Means Reduced Energy Bills for Life!!!

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The Bee Tree Residence is Franklin, North Carolina and Macon County's FIRST certified green home. It is featured in a short video on YouTube and on The house is Energy Star Certified 5+ Stars and Healthy Built Home Gold, both highest possible honors. Compared to an average house, this residence will save 40% on power bills monthly for life. Green building began with passive solar design by placing the house on the site to take advantage of the sloping lot and to rely on the sun’s position for heating and cooling. Super insulated panel walls and extensive air sealing produced a house that is sealed and performs like a refrigerator. Indoor air quality is improved with proper ventilation and non-toxic finishes and materials. A solar hot water heater further reduces energy consumption and contributes to the home’s performance.

A Winter Sun green home reduces homeowner’s energy bills and future costs, minimizes the building’s environmental impact, and affects the family’s health for the better.

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passive solar design in green home

Passive Solar Design

Let in the warming winter sun while blocking the harsh summer sun. This photo, taken in November, shows sunlight warming the master bedroom. During the summer, the sun climbs higher in the sky and the overhangs shade these windows keeping the room cool.

air sealing is important to an energy efficient green home

Air Sealing

The most effective way to increase a building's efficiency is with proper air sealing. This will keep conditioned air where you are paying for it: inside! Don't spend thousands on other "energy savers" while hundreds slip out through small cracks. A Winter Sun residence exhibits this high level of craftmanship.

structural insulated panels air seal and insulate

Super Insulated Structure

Structural Insulated Panels ensure an airtight and super insulated structure. These panels far outperform a traditional stud frame wall and eliminate other problems like thermal bridging in spray-foam construction. A SIP roof brings even greater levels of efficiency and air-tightness.

closed crawlspaces increase energy efficiency

Closed Crawlspace

Conditioned crawlspaces are filled with conditioned air to maintain positive pressure and low humidity levels. This system is superior to a traditional vented crawlspace which allows moisture-laden air to enter and accumulate. All seams are sealed with glue and a radon mitigation system is installed.

Energy Efficient Means Reduced Energy Bills for Life!!!

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ducts are tested for air tightness

Adequate Ventilation

Ducts are tested for air tightness. An airtight house demands proper ventilation. Energy Recovery Ventilators bring in fresh, filtered air and blend it with heated and cooled air. This system also helps to manage humidity of the incoming air.

proper ventilation is important in a tight green home

Third Party Testing

Independent verification of green claims is required for Energy Star and Healthy Built Certifications. Adequate ventilation is extremely important to ensure the health of occupants, maintain comfortable temperature and humidity and maximize energy savings. Tests are performed by Vandemusser Design.