Winter Sun will design your Green Home! A Healthy Built Home is third-party certified to provide healthier interior air quality for you and your loved ones. Energy Star Certification means a minimum 15% savings on monthly power bills!

green home design in 3D

A green home begins in the design.
Position to impact the land as little as possible. Passive solar design reduces heating and cooling loads resulting in smaller, more efficient systems and decreased overall costs. Energy efficiency is the next part of the process. Advanced construction technologies produce a green home insulated like a refrigerator, further reducing energy usage. Materials and features are chosen to maximize efficiency. Our green homes achieve third party certification to Energy Star and Healthy Built Home standards. Time and effort spent in the design phase results in a green building that costs less to build AND maintain. Located in Franklin, NC, Winter Sun will design your green home.

A Winter Sun design shows your green dream in 3D.
solar electric and solar hot water on a passive solar awning
  • Green Design

  • • Considers the Site
  • • Conserves Water
  • • Reduces Energy Usage
  • • Healthy Indoor Air Quality
  • • Sustainable Materials
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Solar panels shade a south window.
see the interior of your green home in 3D

With 3D modeling software, you can see the view! You don't need to try to visualize what your project will look like. Interiors and exteriors can be modeled with desired materials to produce the look you want. Rooms are easily planned when you can see the space. Winter Sun will show your Green Dream in 3D!

  • Why Build Green?

  • The Problem

  • Buildings consume almost 75% of American electricity and are responsible for almost half of greenhouse gas emissions. A growing number of illnesses are being blamed on poor Indoor Air Quality and recently recognized Sick-Building Syndrome.
  • The Solution

  • Winter Sun green building technologies produce a green home that is insulated like a refrigerator thus reducing energy consumption. Additionally, carefully planned ventilation and elimination of toxic chemicals result in a third-party certified green Healthy Built Home. Energy Star certification means real energy savings!
  • The Results

  • • Reduced Energy Bills!
    • Healthy Built Homeowners!
    • Sustainable, Affordable Living!

plan your space to maximize your green home

Plan Interior Space

3D modeling allows you to see your space! Ensure that you easily entertain family and friends. Create a place to retreat, whether a fireplace or a hot bath. Allow for adequate storage of shoes, cellphones and holiday decorations. Contact Us for more information.

When a building has been constructed air-tight and well-insulated, attention shifts to maintaining healthy Indoor Air Quality through carefully planned ventilation and elimination of harmful chemicals by use of non-toxic interior finishes. Recycled, reclaimed and reused material are incorporated into the building. Locally produced products are preferred. All these practices are key to a certified green Healthy Built Home.

The final factors are renewable energy resources like solar power or geothermal systems. A Winter Sun Solar Hot Water System by FAFCO is a great investment! These systems are affordable and ideal for moderate climates. SunGrabber Solar Water Heaters are manufactured in the USA and come with a ten-year warranty. With current tax credits, systems quickly pay for their own costs and start saving you money!

A Winter Sun green home reduces homeowner’s energy bills and future costs, minimizes the building’s environmental impact, and improves your family's health.

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